Maria Justina Soria

November 23, 2011

Maria Justina Soria, 64, had been working as a nanny in Newport Beach in Spring 2010 when she first experienced severe headaches, neck pain and dizziness.  An MRI revealed two aneurysms, one in the left and one in the right anterior communicating arteries. Two surgeries were required.  While the first one went well and she returned home the next day, as a result of the second surgery, one of her arteries ruptured. In critical condition, over the course of the next nine days, Justina had several seizures and stroke-like spasms.

After her condition stabilized months later, Justina was transferred to CareMeridian Cowan Heights.  Unable to speak, stand or walk,  and suffering from memory loss, the CareMeridian’s team designed an aggressive personalized treatment program involving intensive rehabilitation as well as recreation.

In March 2011, Justina moved in with her nephew’s family in Costa Mesa and continues to improve with help from regular therapy.