Wayne Wilson

November 9, 2011

CareMeridian Phoenix Wayne Wilson

In March 2011, Wayne Wilson was involved in an on-the-job accident in which he suffered third-degree burns on 38 percent of his body, as well as a traumatic knee injury. A professional truck driver, Wayne was driving his semi from Tucson to Yuma, Arizona, when he collided with another semi. He has no memory of the collision, but somehow he and his co-driver escaped the cab of the truck before both vehicles exploded into flames. Semi-conscious and unable to run due to his knee injury, flames reached Wayne and he was badly burned. Transported to a hospital in Maricopa County near Phoenix, he spent the next month in intensive care.

One month later, he was transferred to CareMeridian Phoenix to begin the rehabilitation process. His serious burns had affected his ability to walk and severely hampered the use of his hands. The CareMeridian team provided a thorough physical assessment, developed a personalized care plan, and immediately began physical therapy and whirlpool baths to increase his stamina and range of movement. Additionally, his dressings were changed repeatedly every day. In May 2011, only four weeks after he had arrived at CareMeridian, Wayne was ambulatory and able to return home to Dallas, Texas, in time to surprise his mom on Mother’s Day. He credits his speedy recovery to the expert and nurturing care provided by the team of CareMeridian nurses and therapists, as well as to the support and love of his fiancé Heidy, who never left his side after the accident. He continues his physical therapy in Texas.